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The keys to your castle. Upon getting it, be sure to schedule to have your locks changed. This would also be a great opportunity to pursue the purchase of a new locking system such as a Smartphone lock that will integrate your Smarthome system to remote management of your door locks.

Your recorded Deed of Trust (DOT). You can expect to receive a copy of your original Deed of Trust from the County's recorder's office generally within 3 to 6 weeks.

Loan payments. In your final closing documents that you signed with escrow, you will find instructions containing your first coupon/mortgage payment information and where to mail it to. Make a note of the date of your first mortgage payment and be sure to submit it in case that you don't receive further instructions from your lender. Your loan may be sold to another lender shortly after closing. You will be informed if this is the case and where to mail your first payment to.

Property Taxes. At the time of your closing, all property taxes are calculated based on the closing date and current assessment value. While you may not receive a tax statement for the current year on the property, it is your obligation to ensure that all taxes are paid when they are due. Check with me to determine if your tax payment will be paid from an escrow account or directly by you. You may also incur a "Supplemental Tax" statement depending on the current assessed value. Check with your local tax assessors office for details.

Now that the movers have finally left, you find yourself surrounded by boxes belongings in your new house. Here are some tips for settling into your new home.

Deep clean your house.  When moving into previously owned home, its nice to start with a clean slate by scrubbing everything. If necessary, hire a reputable service for a deep cleaning of your new property. 

Dispose of leftovers.  Whether it's refrigerator magnets, drawer lines or an old welcome mat, don't be afraid to toss or donate everything and buy your own stuff. 

Tunes, blooms and perfumes. The quickest way to make a new house feel like home is to fill it with familiar scents and sounds. Crank the stereo with your favorite music while you unpack. Bring something fresh into the house such as a bouquet of flowers and light a scented candle to throw a batch of pre-made cookie dough into the over to fill the air with the smells of home. 

Pick one project.
 Unless you plan to stay at a hotel for a bit, now is not the best time to remodel a whole-house. Prioritize your wishes when it comes to planning a remodel or making updates around the house. Start at the top of the list. You can hire contractors and service companies for any job you don't want to  do it yourself.  Several ideas where to hire contractors:

  • Pro - Input specific project ideas and instant price estimated.
  • Porch - Locate contractors and view past projects.
  • Red beacon - Receive bids from multiple contractors (HomeDepot).
  • Zillow Digs - Share photos of design and remodeling projects with price estimated. 

Display odds and ends. Unpack your favorite books and family photos early and make sure to find them a spot in the house sooner than later. Having personal items on display offers a level of comfort in the new surroundings. 

Meet and greet. Get to know your neighbors by inviting them over for a barbecue. Keep it simple like hot dogs, popcorn, and lemonade and keep it outdoors for easy cleanup and keep it to a limited time frame. 

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Posted by Sam Kader on December 10th, 2017 11:32 AM


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