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These tips will help you keep your garage organized for good: 

1. Think like an organizer.  Go through your belongings  and decide what you want and need to keep. Be homes with yourself and ruthlessly pare down what you don't need. De-cluttering is a liberating process and freeing up some space in your garage. 

2. Prioritizing by size.  The biggest stuff should receive the most consideration. Freezer, secondary refrigerator and lawn mower/tractor take up the most space and are hardest to move. Determine where the big stuff foes and work around it from there. 

3. Maximize wall spaceHang trimmers, extension cords, long-handled tools and even bikes on simple hooks to free floor space and assign each item a dedicated place. Mount a peg board on the wall to neatly store tools. 

4. Raise the roof.  Use overhead storage to make the most of otherwise wasted space. Many garages have built-in attics that lend themselves perfectly to skyward storage. Many off-the-shelf storage solutions can stash your entire family's bicycle collection, camping gear or holiday decorations all above your parking space. 

5. Spring for shelves. Deep shelves are a must whether they are custom-built cabinets or a simple stand-alone rack. Ideally garage shelves should be at least 24 inches deep and strong enough to hold the weight of your stored belongings and more. Keep the items you use infrequently in the back and the tools and equipment you use most frequently in the front for easy access.

6. Put safety first. Store hazardous items like engine oil, paints and household cleaners safely and out of reach of little hands. Dispose of them property and check with your local municipality regarding rules for potentially toxic waste. 


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Posted by Sam Kader on January 8th, 2023 7:39 PM


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