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Checklist for buying a home

March 5th, 2016 6:48 PM by Sam Kader

  1. How much are you comfortable paying monthly (start with what you are currently paying for monthly rent.)
  2. Obtain a Pre-Approval.
  3. Based on item#1 above, we will translate to your price range.
  4. Are you willing to work on small renovation? Houses that have issue that might be a huge expense down the road should be avoided.


  1. Would you prefer to live in suburban, urban or rural area?
  2. Commute times. Go at the hours you will be commuting to get a true picture of the time it will take. 
  3. What city do you want to live in? Property taxes may differ greatly by municipalities.
  4. Do you want easy access to highways? Can you sleep with traffic noise?
  5. Do you have a preference for school system? Buying in a neighborhood with good schools are good for resale value of your home. 
  6. How important is the view?


  1. Do you prefer one-story, two-story, townhouse or condo?
  2. Could you live in a historic home?
  3. How many bedrooms?
  4. How many bathrooms?
  5. Would you want to have a guest room?
  6. Do you prefer hardwood or carpet floors?
  7. What architecture styles do you like best?


  1. Do you need any special features for your pets?
  2. Do you need wheelchair access or limited stairs?
  3. Are you looking for a kid-friendly location with lots of young families, parks and playgrounds?
  4. Do you need a space for a car of is street parking sufficient?
  5. How important is walkability to you?

Get out of the car and go for a walk during times when people are home. Stop, chat and ask questions. Get insiders' information and find out if they are people you'd like to live next to. Finally - do not get emotionally invested in a specific house until after the offer is accepted and the inspection is done.





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Posted by Sam Kader on March 5th, 2016 6:48 PM


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