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Tips for choosing front door colors: 

Yellow to boost the homeowner's goal to boost the mood of anyone who sees the home. Yellow adds a feeling of life to the house's exterior. A yellow door works well with facade colors like gray, light green, beige or white. 
Soft Purple can add whimsy and polish to the exterior of a home when paired with white or cream. 
Orange for cozy feeling when paired with cream and beige. It feels familiar and warm and welcoming. 
Blue to make a subtle statement perfect for bungalows, Craftsman-type homes and cottages paired with green or cobalt blue. 
Green to make modern approach.
Grey for neutral approach and sophisticated appeal. 
Black for that classical approach paired with traditional brick home. It gives a classical vibe and a refined tone for that instant curb appeal. 
Blush for that feminine flair such as blush pink paired with white, yellow or green for an expected playful statement without overdoing it. This color is perfect for summer homes, farm houses and cottages. 

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Posted by Sam Kader on January 8th, 2023 7:35 PM

Timeless design is a bend of how your home looks, feels and functions (instead of trying to keep up with the latest trends).  As we move into 2018, here are some tips on commonly remodeled parts of the house: the kitchen and the bathroom as predicted by Houzz:

Countertops: It appears that Quartz might be the new favorites replacing granite due to its fresh look and numerous finish options.

Sinks: While porcelain will continue to be popular in bathrooms, there is a strong movement towards stone sinks in bathrooms. In the kitchen, stainless sinks appear to be on their way out. Expect to see more kitchen sinks made of stone, concrete and even copper. There will be more concrete, stone, copper and granite composite sinks in darker hues of gray, bronze or black. It brings back a feeling of simpler times that can be calming in a home environment.

Different colored kitchen cabinets: The trend is toward having upper cabinets in one color with lower cabinets in a contracting or complementary color (often tied together with the backsplash).  

Tile: White subway tiles appears to be headed underground but tiles with intriguing designs, colors and patterns are in.

Kitchen Lighting: Kitchen lighting choices will vary depending on the style of kitchen. However, vintage style pendant light seems to be increasingly popular. Vintage light fixtures such as sconces, lanterns, pendants and chandeliers are making a come back as a crafty home do-it-yourselfers outfit retro fixtures with new technology.

More color in kitchens. Although white will always be a classic color for kitchen design, homeowners are shying away from bland hues and injecting rich colors such as warm wood tones - mahogany and neutrals - grays and blues.

Rich colors throughout the home. Warm grays paired with camel, rust, tobacco and brown-blacks as well as earthy reds and yellows are expected to edge out cooler neutrals in the coming year. These colors are rich, moody and work well in home environments where you want a soothing diverse mix of colors and textures.

Trough or bucket sinks. Deep, wide and durable trough and bucket sinks will continue to be popular in the new year. These long, narrow and low-maintenance sinks can help create a rustic aesthetic and maximize minimal space.

Casual and calm modern bedrooms. Instead of bold and busy colors, soothing, neutral color palettes are expected to reign supreme along with soft fabrics and simple furniture pieces.

Wallpaper-like backsplash. Consider contemporary tiles that look like wood, concrete, resin, fabric or even wallpaper.

Concrete accents and Millwork feature walls and detailing.

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When it comes to remodeling - kitchen upgrade remains at the top of the list. Questions prior to remodeling:

What features do I need in my kitchen?
  1. What do I like/don't like about my current kitchen?
  2. What is my current budget?
  3. If I had a dream kitchen, what would it look like?

Connected or smart appliances are becoming more popular and user-friendly that simplify routine chores like cleaning and doing laundry in addition to bringing in higher value.

a) Ovens - A connected oven allows you to control functionality using smartphone. Another tech innovation is convection which allows multiple items to bake at the same time without sacrificing consistent quality.

b) Refrigerators - You can verbally instruct the fridge to fill the ice machine and raise or lower the temperature and self-diagnose issues and alert you when replacement part is needed.

c) Hands-free faucets - Reduce the spread of germs and messes with hands-free and single-touch faucets. They also include a unique sensor and water-flow mechanism. Simply touching any part of the faucets or placing objects directly under the faucet heard turns the flow of water on and off.

Have a precise plan in place. Planning with the help of a designer will help prevent a number of mistakes. An in-house designer at a kitchen showroom is cheaper. During the planning phase, take this opportunity to shop for the latest products on the market, account for adequate traffic flow and seating to ensure the most efficient and comfortable use of your kitchen. Plenty of cabinets nearby to allow for easy access to every possible utensil and pan. Don't forget to locate your waste receptacle (and compost for food waste) near the sink in a dedicated pull-out cabinet. 

Blend aesthetics and practicality. Counter-tops allow you to put your personal style on display as well as landing spaces for hot dishes, groceries and corded appliances. Consider rounding corners or adding 45-degree corner cuts to avoid any safety hazards. Consider adding an island to include additional cabinets, a breakfast bar or shelving. 

There are four types of lighting. Task lighting helps eliminate a special work area. Ambient light softens the room by eliminating sharp lines and shadows. Accent lighting highlights a specific item or detail. Decorative lighting is the focal lighting attraction such as a chandelier. 

Maximize function while maintaining safety. Today's cabinets can be ordered to exact specifications to maximize drawer and shelf space. Keep in mind the door swings of cabinets and appliances as do not block access to something critical to a specific task. An adequate number of electrical outlets must be considered when remodeling your kitchen. 

Next is to hire a contractor to help with renovation. An affordable option may also be use to a contractor recommend by a kitchen showroom or a big box store. Obtain bids from at least three contractors. Don't necessarily take the lowest bid; the lowest price doesn't automatically make it the best choice. Pay close attention to the services the contractor is providing, as well as how the project will be managed along the various phases of your renovation.

Several ideas where to hire contractors:

  • Pro - Input specific project ideas and instant price estimated.
  • Porch - Locate contractors and view past projects.
  • Red beacon - Receive bids from multiple contractors (HomeDepot).
  • Zillow Digs - Share photos of design and remodeling projects with price estimated.

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