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Buying a home is an exciting venture but it also comes with risk and expense. Here are some facts about buying a house as well as some expert advice that can help you: 

a) Maintenance and repairs. Many home buyers do not factor in maintenance costs when they buy a home. Property without adequate maintenance can deteriorate over time. Keeping up a house to a high standard is long-term investment. When it comes time to sell, it is the well maintained property that sells first. 

b) Hire a buyer's agent. Buyer's agent (me) will represent and negotiate on your best interest. As your agent, I will point out if any items should be a concerned during inspection. Avoid any temptation to cut corners in an attempt to save money when buying a home. 

c) Expect overages if you intent to remodel. Older houses often need remodeling and buyers should pad an additional 25% over the repair budget for contingencies. There are always things that go wrong once you start tearing down the walls. Ask for me for Free home warranty!
Posted by Sam Kader on April 9th, 2017 9:08 AM


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