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April 28th, 2016 8:59 AM by Sam Kader

How to make the most on your next trip to an open house:

  1. Have a wish list with the most important items that you "must have" versus "nice to have".
  2. Look at your surroundings. Are there several houses for sale on any given street? If no one else wants to live there, you probably don't want either. As your realtor, I will provide you with neighborhoods report, crime rates, and average property days on the market.
  3. Neighborhood maintenance. Make sure surrounding houses are manicured and presentable. Take a peek at the overgrown lawns, trash cans and overall exterior home conditions.
  4. That first smell of potpourri or air freshners could mean that the homeowners are trying to hide pet odors or cigarette smoke.
  5. Full closets that are filled to the brim is a warning sign of a lack of storage space. In the kitchen, make sure that all of the homeowner's belongings are evenly distributed throughout the home to indicate enough storage space.
  6. Spend time in the kitchen. What is your ultimate goal for the kitchen? Does it feel like a comfortable place to cook or entertain? Don't worry about appliances.
  7. How are the hall and bathroom closets and laundry room? Are they conveniently located?
  8. Rugs - over abundance of area rugs maybe an indication of damages to the floor/carpet.
  9. Days on the market indicate potential underlying problems for properties that sit longer on the market. It's also a tool to negotiate.
  10. Moisture in the air can indicate that there may be a problem with leaks in the basement and a breeding ground for mold which can be detriment to your health.
  11. Check the layout and check the out the flow of traffic from one room to the nest. Do you like an open floor plan or do you prefer having rooms clearly set apart from one another? Do you want easy access from the kitchen to the family room?
  12. Use your smartphone to capture images for your record. Measure certain rooms if you can fit your furniture in there.
  13. New houses. Call the builder for specific questions on home warranties or design options.
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Posted by Sam Kader on April 28th, 2016 8:59 AM


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